Multiple opportunities for sustainable construction

GRANOVA shows technical properties similar to primary aggregates which makes this material suitable for a variety of application areas. If environmental conditions are met, incinerator bottom ash is a cost-efficient, technically sound and sustainable construction alternative. Project owners and investors that wish to optimise the use of mineral ressources should consider alternative ways of construction to enable the use of secondary and recycled aggregates. 

Roads and earthworks

International use of incinerator bottom ash for road construction

Embankments, fill, subgrade or cappings of roads: the national technical regulations in each country define the requirements that aggregates have to fulfil in each of those layers. However, the general opportunities are similar in most countries. more

Aggregates for concrete production

Manufacturing of concrete with incinerator bottom ash in the Netherlands

European standards such as EN 206 or EN 12620 explicitly include secondary and recycled aggregates for use in concrete. Now, the Dutch demonstrate how to make use of incinerator bottom ash in concrete production by detailing this in a separate national regulation. more

Landfill construction

Landfill site construction: GRANOVA IBA can be used as secondary aggregate

A landfill site is a complex technical structure that ensures the safe disposal of what society can’t recycle. It is thereby an essential part of a functioning infrastructure. Within the European landfill directive, IBA can be used as secondary aggregate as part of the secure and stable construction of a landfill. more