Continuity, safety and reliability

The proven quality assurance system for natural minerals is also the qualitative basis for the use of granova® as a substitute secondary aggregate in road construction and earthworks. In addition to technical suitability, the material and environmental water management properties are assessed. A prerequisite for the official quality control system of granova® is the proof of suitability in the form of a test certificate. This certificate of suitability for incinerator bottom ash (IBA) consists of an initial material test and inspection of the plant by an external body.

Quality assurance system and testing

The factory production control and external monitoring together form the quality assurance system. There are clear requirements for the tests and test frequencies to be carried out as part of the quality monitoring of incinerator bottom ash. The specifications differ according to the planned use of the material.

Controlled quality with proof of suitability: granova® IBA

The proof of suitability, as well as the tests of regular external monitoring, may only be carried out by recognised testing bodies. These test centres are recognised by the highest road construction authority of the respective federal state or by a road construction authority designated by the latter as competent.

Internal guidelines provide extra safety

Citizens and local authorities are looking for reliable partners when it comes to substitute building materials. What distinguishes REMEX from other suppliers: We make sure that incinerator bottom ash/slag is used correctly. For this purpose, we have established internal guidelines to which our employees are bound in terms of quality assurance. This includes the following process steps:

  • Clarification of the local environmental conditions within the scope of requesting and preparing an offer
  • Support in the evaluation of soil/subsoil and groundwater conditions
  • Communication with authorities regarding the building permit under water law (for non-public building projects)
  • Provisions of usage instructions (German) for contractors and drivers
  • Delivery of quality-approved granova® IBA as secondary aggregate

More about the German quality assurance system

If you would like to learn more about quality monitoring, technological and ecological basics as well as possible applications of substitute building materials such as incinerator slag, please refer to the Handbook on secondary aggregates. It forms the basis for an open discussion and well-founded decisions.
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