Secondary aggregate production

Through the use of sophisticated production methods, GRANOVA IBA turns into a substitute construction material with outstanding structural properties. A special feature is our MERIT technology. It enables the recovery of the smallest metal particles from the incinerator bottom ash. We employ additional technologies such as hydromechanical treatment, with which we can positively influence the environmental properties of the mineral fraction. All these developments are reflected in the improved quality of the processed municipal solid waste incinerator (MSWI) bottom ash.

The production principle

Processing easily explained: production of incinerator bottom ash aggregates

The processing of GRANOVA incinerator bottom ash is essentially carried out using screening techniques, ferrous and non-ferrous metal separators and windsifters. Our animation gives an introduction to the topic. more

The intelligent processing concept

Secondary aggregates from incinerator bottom ash with intelligent processing concept

An industry leader for treatment and recycling of mineral waste such as incinerator bottom ash, REMEX has developed innovative recycling technologies which, in addition to maximum metal recovery, lead to mineral qualities that enable the complete recycling of IBA. more

Technical details on our special technology website

IBA recycling technologies: REMEX Processing

REMEX technological expertise relating to the processing of bottom ash from municipal solid waste incineration is bundled in a modular concept. In order to explain this approach for optimum recycling results, we offer 3D views of the individual technologies and filmed expert interviews. more