Proven quality and expertise

Both the construction regulations and environmental requirements require numerous tests for secondary aggregates such as granova® incinerator bottom ash in order to prove that relevant material properties for the corresponding application are adhered to.

The principle of the quality assurance system

Secondary aggregates are subject to quality control system

In-house monitoring in the form of factory production control, together with independent external monitoring, form the quality assurance system. This system applies to natural aggregates for construction as well as for secondary aggregates, so that a comparability for both materials is given. more

What does IBA contain? Visit our laboratory!

In order to monitor the quality of mineral constructon materials and to optimise the recycling rate of ferrous and non-ferrous metals from incinerator bottom ash (IBA), numerous tests are carried out in our plants on a regular basis. Our laboratory film gives an impression of the testing scope.

Test certificates and certifications

Secondary aggregates granova®: Test certificates and certifications

In Germany, only quality-controlled incinerator bottom ash may be used as a substitute construction material. The results of the required quarterly test certificates and certifications are available here. more