Numerous fields of application

Whether in road construction, earthworks or landfill construction: from a technical point of view, secondary aggregates such as GRANOVA incinerator bottom ash can be used in many different ways. It is true that the use of substitute construction materials is limited in comparison to primary materials due to corresponding environmental specifications. Local conditions, constructional requirements and the type of execution are important influencing factors that must be considered for every project. However, if the conditions for safe use are met, the combination of primary and secondary construction materials can be the ideal solution.

Road construction: sustainable and economical

GRANOVA secondary aggregates from IBA for use in roadworks

In addition to financing issues, the topics of sustainability have risen to the top of the agenda for the construction and development of traffic infrastructure. Climate protection and resource conservation are nowadays decisive factors in the planning and realisation of road construction measures. more

Earthworks: solid and long-lasting

Embankments such as noise barriers: Ideal application for secondary aggregates

Dam, backfill or embankment – whether for the purpose of visual or noise protection or stabilisation: In all these construction projects, very large quantities of mineral materials of homogenous quality must be supplied over a longer period of time and in all possible weather conditions. Incinerator bottom ash, with its favourable grading curves, offers an ideal construction alternative. more

Landfill construction: safe and stable

GRANOVA IBA as secondary landfill site construction material

Landfills are constructed according to the multi-barrier concept. Each individual barrier serves to ensure adequate long-term protection for the environment against adverse effects from waste. In the course of a landfill project, numerous construction measures are being carried out in which incinerator bottom ash can be used as a landfill construction material. more

Concrete and asphalt: Dutch pioneers

Incinerator bottom ash aggregates for concrete production and asphalt

In the Netherlands, HEROS Sluiskil B.V., a 100% subsidiary of REMEX GmbH, launched many years ago successfully the production of GRANOVA granulates from IBA with CE marking and KOMO® certification for use in concrete and asphalt. more