Environmental protection and technology

A solid set of regulations and far-reaching environmental legislation define the framework in which granova® incinerator bottom ash (IBA) is produced and used. These regulations include construction technology as well as environmental requirements, which may vary between federal states, but which, on closer inspection, follow a common line. This common line will also be expressed in a nationwide directive, the Directive on Secondary Aggregates, which will be enacted in August 2023.

Technical background for secondary aggregates

Road construction with IBA: Structural fundamentals of substitute construction materials

Through the use of sophisticated production methods, granova® IBA is turned into a construction material with outstanding structural properties. Similar to natural aggregates, the technical requirements of the respective fields of application in road construction and earthworks are decisive for the applicability of secondary aggregates. more

Until 2023: Environmental requirements by state

Environmental protection defines the range of possible applications for secondary aggregates such as IBA

The German-wide regulation in regard to the environmental compatibility of substitute building materials or the installation of these secondary materials in technical constructions or on top of or into soil becomes mandatory in 2023. Until then, the federal-state-specific regulations such as LAGA Notice M20 are applicable. more

Future nationwide secondary aggregates directive

In June 2021, the Directive on Secondary Aggregates (EBV) was approved by the German Bundesrat. The introduction of the Directive and the new version of the Federal Directive on Soil Protection and Contaminated Sites are intended to create a uniform and legally binding basis for the proper and safe recycling of mineral waste. We will use the two-year period until the final enactment in 2023 to prepare for the implementation of the new requirements. Until then, the federal state-specific regulations will continue to apply in practice. By visiting our German special topics page, you will find more detail on the new regulation.

EBV information campaign (German only)