Our processing innovations turn IBA into new products

In our modular concept on remex-processing.com we bundle all REMEX technologies for the treatment of bottom ash from municipal solid waste incineration. The technologies such as HMT and TRIPLE M contribute significantly to improving the properties of the resulting IBA minerals. They are thus trend-setting for the use of this substitute building material in new applications and products.

Another special feature is our MERIT technology. It enables the recovery of the smallest metal particles from bottom ash. more

Modular production concept

The basis for all GRANOVA construction materials is the treatment of incinerator bottom ash in the main processing unit. Ferrous and non-ferrous metals are separated from the mineral fraction by means of various sieving techniques, multi-stage screening as well as the use of magnets, eddy current separators and our MERIT technology. In addition, windsifters remove organic matter. Manual sorting also takes place. What remains is processed incinerator bottom ash aggregate of 0/32 mm grain size, which is marketed under the GRANOVA brand. This material also serves as a raw material for our higher quality processing.

Conceptual processing of incinerator bottom ash: REMEX technologies

Through the use of our three technologies TRIPLE M, HMT and VCM, we can produce mineral construction materials from IBA that meet the technological requirements for use as aggregates in concrete products, lightweight concrete or asphalt.

Recovery of different raw materials from IBA

When developing technologies for the treatment of incinerator bottom ash, we consider all the raw materials contained in it from an ecological and economic point of view. For this reason, we are continuously working on both the recovery and processing of the metals contained and the improvement of the mineral fraction and its use. more

Incinerator bottom ash (IBA): Treatment with the REMEX modular concept