Versatility in road construction and earthworks

The granova® cube was developed for easier handling and correct use of incinerator bottom ash. In accordance with the German environmental specifications and constructional requirements, this cube shows on its six sides both the conditions of use and the actual application possibilities in road construction and earthworks. The data is directly applicable for Germany only.

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The granova® cube summarises the environmental regulations of the LAGA M20 notice and the decrees NRW (Gemeinsame Runderlasse NRW) as well as the technical specifications of the FGSV regulations. Check the German applicability of incinerator bottom ash (material classification Z2 or material class HMVA II respectively) by selecting the type of road and load class.

Conditions for safe use:

  • Construction site outsite of water protection areas, flood plains and hydrogeologically sensitive areas
  • Application under watertight surface layer such as asphalt, concrete, sealing liner
  • Minimum distance to highest expected groundwater level of 1 m
  • Minimum distance to corrosion-prone constructions of 0.5 m
  • Private construction projects require a permit under water law

The use within water protection areas WSG IIIA/HSG III and WSG IIIB/HSG IV is generally possible, but limited and should therefore be examined individually.



  • permitted
  • not permitted
  • restricted
  • Outside the pipeline zone and only under watertight surfaces where no break-ups are to be expected
  • Although there are no longer any restrictions to the load class according to the M HMVA leaflet incinerator bottom ash of 2014, the TL SoB-StB 04 excludes application in construction classes SV, I and II - corresponds to load classes Bk100 to Bk10
  • There are federal states that permit use in sealed pavements
  • According to M HMVA leaflet IBA is permissible in areas subject to low stress as well as cycle paths and sidewalks, but according to TL SoB-StB 04 the application in freeze resistance layers are not clearly defined

Legal note: We assume no liability for the timeliness, completeness and accuracy of the given data. No claims for compensation can be derived from the information provided.


The granova® cube can be ordered from us free of charge. It enables you to simply check the possible uses of incinerator bottom ash in German construction projects at any time. Order now